Allegiance : Guild Level 6 Base 3 (Base Name - Haven)

Level 3 Camp Fires: Everyday 13:30 (on hold) and 2300 server time
Guild Exorcism (Exo): Tuesdays 18:00 server time
RIFT/Territory War: Saturdays 22:00 server time

Introducing your
Allegiance Officers.

Read the member requirements. Members not contributing to guild and are inactive may be removed.

Read the Guild Rules. You may face disciplinary action if you break them repeatedly.

We use RaidCall for guild chat. Click here for download link and setup information.

We participate in RIFT. Check our
Forums for useful game guides.

Our Alliances are:


GUILD WARS 2 Allegiance Guild Information
Guild Name: Storm Allegiance
Location: Ferguson's Crossing
Tag: [ALL]
Dragon (Lie Xu) Vggamegod.7089
Hime (Kaidanhime) kaidan.5961